Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Day Photography Tips For The Bride Part 2

Allow enough time for photographs. Group and couple photos take a minimum of one hour and ten minutes (20 minutes for family group photos, 20 minutes for bridal party photos, 30 minutes for the bride and groom romantic session.)

Keep in mind that the more time you allow for photos, the more creative I am free to be, and the more relaxing and fun photo time is for you, and for your family and friends.

It is strongly recommended to do the bride and groom romantic session before the wedding ceremony (“First Look”), as well as most of the group photos if possible.

This minimizes the amount of time taken away from you enjoying your reception.

The less time you keep your guests waiting the better.

Before the ceremony, your hair, makeup, and clothing will be more fresh.

The better the lighting, the better the photographs will be.

Make sure your ceremony and reception locations are well lit. What most people think of as well lit is usually too dim for good photographs. All too often, brides want to have their reception halls so dim their guests can hardly see their plates in front of them, as they feel it is more romantic this way. What they do not realize, is that this kind of lighting is horrible for photographs, and inhibits conversation and interaction between guests. It is possible to maintain a romantic ambiance while still being able to see the person next to you.

Please opt for more light.

Bride and groom romantic photos, and family and bridal party group photos are usually best done outdoors in a shaded area.

If the sky is overcast, a beautiful soft light is produced, and the photos can be done anywhere outside.

Throughout the wedding day, my goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible, while still capturing the moments that matter. I love to capture candid moment’s photojournalistic style, however, during the romantic and group photo sessions I will be providing more direction for photographs.

It is very important that everyone involved be present when they are supposed to be, and for them to be fairly quiet and attentive to me in order to move through the photographs as smoothly as possible. The less that people listen to me, the longer group photos take.

Please inform your family and bridal party, prior to the wedding day, where they will need to be, and when for photos, and convey to them the importance of being quiet and attentive during photographs.

Please also remind them of these things at the beginning of the wedding day, and put your coordinators in charge of making sure everyone is present and ready for photos at the appointed time.

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