Sunday, January 22, 2012

Afghanistan unveiled

A couple of years back; I had the rare opportunity to photograph American soldiers, the people of Afghanistan and the remote but often beautiful countryside.  It was truly a journey to remember.

One of my favorite photos is an American soldier caught in the rotor wash of a departing helicopter and the resulting sand storm of the Red Desert of Southern Afghanistan “Caught in the storm”

I also had the opportunity to have a photo published in the "seven Stans" of Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, ... and Uzbekistan) in this travel photo gallery from National Geographic.
My photo “Band-e-Amir, Afghanistan”

Travertine peaks rise above one of the mineral-rich, sapphire lakes of central Afghanistan’s Band-e-Amir. Legend has it the lakes were formed by Caliph Ali, who miraculously raised the retaining walls to dam a dangerous river, thereby impressing a local pagan king who converted to Islam.

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