Monday, January 9, 2012

First Look - Once in a lifetime photo opportunity

F09rst Look  Once in a lifetime photo opportunity

What is a first look? This has been another of our clients favorites.  Its a wonderful, romantic opportunity for you to see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony.  No parents, no bridal party, no distractionsjust pure emotions.  This is usually a very sweet and emotional moment.  By not seeing each other before the ceremony, you never really get to share that moment together, alone.  When the ceremony is over, the moment has passed.  The first look not only captures great photos, it gives you some time to enjoy being alone before your magical day begins.

How it works
The bride and groom get ready separately.  When both are dressed and the getting ready photos have been captured, we take the groom to a location with great light.  The bride is sent in and the groom turns to see her as shes walking up.  At that moment, the bride and groom will completely forget we are there while we capture every smile, every tear, every laugh and every kiss.  The first look photos end up being some of their favorites from the entire day.

Why consider a first look
Having the first look before the ceremony allows us the opportunity to capture those once in a lifetime moments that will be cherished forever.  This is also a great time for a photo walk, where we capture some amazing images of the bride and groom in their favorite places.

Some think the magic moment is when the bride walks down the aisle to her groom and they see each other for the first time.  This moment is certainly magical but its not the same as an intimate first look.  We love to capture when a couple get lost in each others eyes, when they see each other for the first time as bride and groom.  That moment can sometimes get lost walking down the aisle as the couple holds back their emotions so they can make it through the ceremony.  This is just an option, one we think is worth considering

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