Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trash The Dress

Trashing the dress after a wedding seems to be a popular trend.  Its a photo session done AFTER the wedding and honeymoon are over to symbolically show your husband that you will NEVER need your wedding dress again. The purpose of the photo shoot is to get some very creative and different photos of you in your dress.

Brides and grooms want awesome imagery from their wedding, period. They want the unscripted moments captured, but they also want a photographer that can get very creative during a portrait session. Thats why couples everywhere are donning their wedding finery and not only plunging into breakers, walking through abandoned amusement parks, wandering through cornfields, wading into forest streams and chasing other wild pursuits in an increasingly popular ritual and edgy extension of wedding photojournalism called Trash the Dress (TTD) or Day After Session.

The perfect place for this type of photo shoot is at the beach. Yes you will be rolling around in the sand and surf and your dress will be trashed. But, only temporarily. Most often, the dress can be hung to dry and cleaned. If you are recently married and would love to be one of the first to get a trash the dress photo shoot by me, please email or call me about Orlando Wedding Photography and trash the dress photography sessions.

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