Friday, February 21, 2014

Iconic photographer Art Brewer discusses the importance of imperfection in surf photography. | SURFER Magazine

Art Brewer’s reach is astounding. He knows (or knew) everybody, from Griffin to Stoner to Lopez, Rabbit, Curren, Slater, right on up to John John. And they love him. They may have fought with him a time or two, but they love him—partly because he made them all look so damn good, and partly because he’s another one of those free-swinging bullshit destroyers. True, he lacks the growling poetic eloquence of Flippy Hoffman. But Art calls ‘em like he sees ‘em, no two ways about it. Always a pleasure to steal a few minutes from the man, bask in a story or two, and listen to him lay down some rough truth. Brewer just turned 64. Still shooting to kill.  More; Art Brewer Interview | SURFER Magazine

Art Brewer Interview | SURFER Magazine

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